Surface Preparation Laboratory
Penningweg 69-F
1507 DE Zaandam
The Netherlands
 +31-75 612 0501
 +31-75 612 0491
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  • Surface Preparation Laboratory select the best crystal rod by using two state of the art Laue X – ray CCD cameras.
  • Cut to specific orientation and shape by spark erosion or diamond wire cutting depending on the material.
  • Chemically etch the metal single crystals so the starting surface is absolutely pure.
  • Mechanically polish the crystals to get a perfect Laue image of the undistorted lattice prior to alignment.
  • Orient single crystal surfaces to the agreed customer specifications.
  • Alignment ~ 0.1 degree during polishing. This is checked and double checked throughout the polishing process.
  • Mechanically lap and polish surfaces with a finish and flatness to customer's specifications (final polishing step ≤ 0.05 µm).
  • Assess the quality of the polished surface after the final polishing step using both optical and X-ray methods.