Surface Preparation Laboratory
Penningweg 69-F
1507 DE Zaandam
The Netherlands
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Surface Preparation Laboratory - SPL - is a premier supplier of well prepared and well characterized single crystal surfaces. Our primary specialization is in tailor-made single crystals of elemental metals, metal alloys and oxides. We select and grow the highest quality materials and provide high-precision crystallographic orientation combined with the best surface finish. As part of its product range, SPL offers curved crystal surfaces that are polished and prepared to the same specifications as its regular, planar polished crystal surfaces, as well as extensive repolishing and realigning services.

SPL and its employees have worked in the field of crystal and surface preparation since 1984 and are very aware of the needs and requirements of the scientific community. On April 1, 1999, René Koper set up SPL as an independent company that provides the scientific community with the high-quality crystal and alloy surfaces it requires.

Surface Preparation Laboratory offers no "standard" products. All SPL's products are tailor made. SPL makes every effort to ensure its clients get precisely what they want. We therefore encourage our customers to formulate their demands as explicitly as possible, preferrably via the "Request quote page". This enables us to produce the best product, provide optimal service, and give the professional advice that you have every right to expect.